What if a Consultant Really Listened?

The Propel Change Global Manifesto

Here’s what we believe—and how it benefits you.

We give away our secrets.

We tell you everything, so you can implement future change projects on your own using the Propel Change Global methodology.

Elegant simplicity.

Our solutions are easy to understand. Complexity is for consultants, not companies.

We don’t have the answers before we meet you.

But we know what questions to ask to help you discover the answers. We will help you get to them. And then we’ll throw a party when we do.

The problem may not be what you think it is.

The Propel Change Global methodology helps you view your organization with clarity, the way an objective, yet informed outsider would.

Karma is real.

Everything you do will come back to you in some way. Make sure you do the right things.

Accountability matters.

Anyone who works on the project is held accountable for on-time, excellent deliverables that meet the requirements (including your employees).

You can do hard things.

The work we do will not be easy. If it were, you would have already done it. We’ll support you as much as you need throughout the process.

We don’t like surprises any more than you do.

Fortunately, there are few or no surprises when you work with us because everyone on your team has bought into the plan.

Silos don’t work.

That’s why we involve the appropriate people in the idea generation and the solution phases of the project. It means faster buy in.

Preconceived notions must be confronted.

Especially when it comes to how you think about your employees at every level. We’ll help you see the potential you didn’t realize you had.

Most answers can be found at the bottom of the organization chart.

The people who will make or break your project live there. That’s why every engagement includes a plan to remove the obstacles to their contributions.

Every person has gifts.

One of the most wonderful by-products of a consulting engagement is the satisfaction of helping people discover that special contribution that only they can make.

It’s important to deliver consistent messages.

That’s why we supply you and your leadership team with all the communications you’ll need during the project, including scripts, emails, talking points, and more.

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