Lifeline Coaching®

Call. Talk. Relax.

Everyone Needs a Little Help Now and Then

When you’re in the middle of a change or improvement project and you get stuck.

You want to move forward in your career, but you hit a roadblock.

Where do you turn?

Lifeline Coaching® is There for You

If you’re using Propel Change Global methods, Lifeline Coaching® gives you easy and affordable access to ongoing support.

Not sure which tool to use next?
Call your Lifeline.
Need a sounding board?
Call your Lifeline.
Need an accountability partner?
Call your Lifeline.
Want to bounce a strategy idea off of someone who understands?
Call your Lifeline.
Project not going according to plan?
Call your Lifeline.

Lifeline Coaching® is for everyone involved in improvement or change projects. From senior managers to entry level employees, Lifeline Coaching® is there for you.

Who knows? Lifeline Coaching® may be the key your next breakthrough.

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