You Can Choose Anyone…

Why Choose Propel Change Global?

Why Companies Trust Us

We Give Away Our Secrets.

Unlike other consulting firms that closely guard their methodologies, we are willing to teach you the “how to” as we go along. Our goal is to help your organization be self-sufficient if that’s what the project warrants.

Small Firm. Big Results

Propel Change Global is a boutique consulting firm with no desire to become a giant consultancy with dozens of locations. We show you how to do things better, faster, cheaper – and still make it sustainable and easy for you to manage in the future.

Customized innovation

One size does not fit all. Just as every company is unique, with its own leaders, culture, history, and competitive landscape, every solution is unique. We never offer cookie-cutter solutions. We find creative ways to address every issue.

We Get It Done

Compare Propel Change Global’s 98% success rate to a 70% failure rate for ERP systems and a 70% failure rate for change initiatives. There’s no rework. We get it right the first time.

Focus on the Right Things

Our primary goal is adoption – not just implementation. Adoption is what actually protects your investment!


We quickly recognize hidden agendas and call them out in subtle ways, so they don’t damage the project.


We do what we say we are going to do. On time. Every time. There are no surprises.


We are not afraid to tell the truth – even when it will not be the most popular answer. Transparency makes everything easier.

Quick-Win Mentality

We quickly become a trusted partner because we find the low-hanging fruit and make the most of it. We find ways to celebrate and make people feel appreciated throughout the project.

Always the A-Team

Unlike some consulting firms that send junior consultants while charging senior consultant rates, we always send our A-Team.
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