The Forte Assessment

Supercharge Your Team Relationships

Do You Have a People Problem?

If your workplace is filled with conflicts, dysfunction, low productivity, and finger-pointing it’s easy to blame the employees.

What if your employees aren’t the real problem?

Maybe the Root Cause is Communication

Misunderstandings cause by differing communication styles are easily addressed. The Forte Assessment system allows you to understand each person’s unique style of communication. Use this knowledge to transform your team’s interpersonal relationships to achieve trust, synergy, and performance.

The Forte Assessment is also an excellent tool for use in executive coaching and development planning for employees currently in leadership roles or those aspiring to that level.

The Forte Assessment is Fast and Easy.

Each member of your team takes five minutes to complete their Forte Communication Style assessment and discover their personal strengths. From this, we create your Team Pulse and Interaction Reports. These are powerful sources of information that demonstrate the communication style for your entire team. We will then show you where to focus to improve alignment and resiliency.

Your team will understand each other like never before.

Get ready for productivity to soar!

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