Become Quantificent®

Build Business Ninjas.

What’s Your Problem?


Disengaged employees


Inefficient processes


Major change


Lack of alignment


Leadership problems


Role ambiguity


Expenses out of control


Communication issues


High turnover

Simple Methods. Astounding Results

Quantificient® is a structured program that combines continuous improvement, leadership development, change management and project management techniques to drive sustained improvement in your organization. Elegantly simple methods make it easy for front line employees to find and fix problems on their own, leading to reduction of direct and indirect costs. Quantificient® engages all levels of your organization, aligning energy, effort, and enthusiasm into a powerful single vision with clearly communicated goals.

Guaranteed ROI

The annual cost savings generated by Quantificient® will exceed your program investment—or we’ll refund the difference.


Keep the Fire Burning with Certification

For maximum impact, Propel Change Global provides a Quantificient® Certification Program for your employees so they can keep the Quantificient® fires burning, which will help continuous improvement spread throughout your entire organization. Your team will learn everything needed to develop leaders, manage change, and drive sustainable improvement throughout the organization.

Quantificient® is Customizable

Curious about how Quantificient® might work for your company?

Propel Change Global guides your leadership team to define up to seven issues or problems you would like to work on and chooses who will work on those projects. Then, in a series of six sessions over a period of 14 weeks, your teams will use the Quantificient® methodology to develop a plan for their projects and implement the solutions.


Test the Waters with a Single Project.

Propel Change Global consultants will lead the project using Quantificient® techniques so you can see how the process works. You’ll be surprised and amazed at how much your team will rally around the results and make the project their own. This “test the waters” approach works well in companies of all sizes.

Ready to Dive In?

Quantificient® can also be customized for bootcamp-style delivery. Over the course of five days, you will start with your own project idea and leave with a comprehensive plan for project completion, including templates, samples, and communications.

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